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Guidelines from a Frequent Reader

Here’s some advice–good advice!–from Tischa, who has been working for months to deal with the items she inherited from her parents. Thanks for sharing. 

A lot has to do with the tremendous respect & love I had for my parents. I’ve had a wonderful life full of fabulous experiences all because of them. [And had I tossed things in the trash, I would have imagined my mother over my shoulder yelling, “Oh, no!” lol]

I know most people don’t have as many collectibles/vintage items, but if they do, here’s what I’ve learned:
Children should sit down with their folks and make sure all photographs are labeled. (Parents love to share the memories that go along with the photos.)
If there are a lot of items in the estate, a complete inventory needs to be made while a parent is living and receipts kept together with the inventory list.
Wills need to be very, very specific — no assumptions.
In-laws need to stay home when children are working things out.
When a parent dies, the 1st & easiest place to start is to throw away the underwear and send all the clothes to Salvation Army.
Somewhere, someone might want something that has no value to the heirs. DONATE.
(and saving the most important for last…) Don’t leave this same project behind for your children to go through when you die. [I have 2 sons who won’t want most of my things; so, I’m going to sell things I no longer use — silver, china, jewelry, etc — and give my boys whatever money I get from it.]