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Unwanted Inheritance

I came across this Washington Post piece that makes the same point as my book, STUFF AFTER DEATH. Sadly for the Baby Boomers, the next generation doesn’t want their stuff. What to do? Get rid of it now in a downsizing frenzy and let the youngsters off the hook!

I think I’ll stop now

To the 86 people who subscribed to this blog–many thanks for your attention, but I’ve decided to stop. After 22 months and 77 posts, I have to conclude that there isn’t much interest in this topic. Which surprises me, as there is so much need, with all the Greatest Generation and now Baby Boomers dying and leaving their heirs with so much STUFF to dispose of, and so many people downsizing. However, I’ve reluctantly decided that it isn’t worth my while to soldier on, so thank you kindly for tuning in, and good luck with your own efforts at identifying, valuing, and disposing of unwanted inherited STUFF. Please feel free to email me if you have any specific problems or questions: 


Paperback Stuff Has Arrived!

cover-600x800-finalPreviously only an e-book, Stuff is now available in paperback form on Hooray! I’d like to boast that I did all the formatting, uploading, and design work myself . . . but I’m not that clever. I hired two young men who excel in that sort of thing–one is a talented designer who put together the cover art and the other is an expert at all things related to computers that I don’t understand–which is pretty much everything. (Email me and I’ll share their names.)