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What about all that costume jewelry in Grandma’s closet?

Decorated-Push-Pins-Main-Page-300x263Well, gee, as long as your 100% CERTAIN it’s costume . . . 

Vintage costume jewelry can bring in good money when it is sold online, especially if it is sparkly or signed by a desirable company like Trifari, Coro, Weiss, Sarah Coventry, Lisner, Money, Napier, and Ann Klein. And it has the advantage of being easy and inexpensive to mail. Take a good close-up photo and give it a go. Or hire a teenager to handle the sales for you, if you’re not fluent in eBay. Such jewelry is also welcome as a donation to nonprofits like Goodwill that resell to the public. 

Jewelry that is reminiscent of the past, such as Art Nouveau or Art Deco, will find a ready market, even if it doesn’t really date from that era. Some people are shopping for a “look,” and the actual date doesn’t matter. 

But please, please, please, before you try to sell or donate, take a box full of jewelry to your local, reputable jewelry shop and ask your friendly, honest jeweler if it is all, indeed, costume jewelry. They can eyeball it and give you a quick answer, and as long as they’re not busy, they won’t mind. (Call first and ask when you could drop by at a slow time.)